sunnuntaina, helmikuuta 12, 2006

Yöpymiset lähes kunnossa

Sain vihdoin viimeisetkin vahvistukset. Yöpymisten osalta reittimme on siis seuraava. (Poistan muuten tuon aikataulun jostakin vanhasta viestistäni. Sen julkinen olemassaolo jotenkin karmii.)

1. yö Hostel Njarvikissa
2. yö Hostel Laugarvatnissa
3. yö Hostel Skógarissa
4. yö Bölti Guesthousessa Skaftafellin kansallispuistossa/
5. yö Hostel Vagnsstadirissa
6. yö Hostel Seydisfjordurissa
7. yö Hostel Kopaskerissa
8. yö Élda by Lake Myvatn -maatilamajoituksessa
9. yö Élda by Lake Myvatn -maatilamajoituksessa
10. yö Hostel Akureyrissa
11. yö Hostel Stykkisholmurissa
12. yö Reykjavik City Hostellissa
13. yö Reykjavik City Hostellissa
14. yö Reykjavik City Hostellissa

Netissä on sellainen sivusto, jolla reppumatkaavat arvioivat hostelleita. Tällaisia asioita on todettu meidän mestoistamme:

"This very clean hostel is just off the main road going to the geysir park. Hostel is very clean, has great dining room with good view of lake, and is very near the public swimming pool. You can use the hot tub at the hostel for free, or walk a short way to the pool and swim and soak for a reasonable fee. If you do stay at this excellent hostel, I recommend a night-time drive to the geysir park for the thrill of smelling and hearing the geysers erupt in the darkness."

"I found it very clean, conveniently situated and very practical with loads of space for everybody (even though when I went they were fully booked).
The beds were also very confortable although you have to bring your own sleeping bags if you want to save a big amount of cash."

"It has two really nice kitchens and the beds are confortable. It's a bit far from the centre but there's a swimming pool next door which is fantastic. The bus from the airport can drop you off there if you ask for it and they can also pick you up there to go to the blue lagoon, airport and several daytrips.I found it clean too. Icelandic hostel standards are always reliable as far as I could experience."

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